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Delicate and flavored!

Makes 9 servings as an aperitif.


1 fillet           Salmon 1kg, (2.25 lbs) without skin,

1/2 cup       Coarse salt      

1/2 cup       Brown sugar

1/3 cup        Nutra-Fruit Whole Sweet Dried Cranberries

3 branches     Rosemary, fresh

2 tbsp. at table     Pink pepper

2 tbsp. at table     Coriander seeds

Pepper, ground

3 tbsp. at table       Nutra-Fruit 100% Pure Organic Cranberry Juice (undiluted)

2 tbsp. at table     Gin, grapefruit and rosemary from the 3 lakes distillery

1/3 cup       Sliced beetroot pre-cooked and cooled



In a bowl, mix the brown sugar with the coarse salt then set aside. In a blender, grind the pink pepper, coriander seeds, dried cranberries, beets, gin and organic cranberry juice. Place the mixture in the bowl containing the brown sugar and salt, then mix. Rub and place this aromatic mixture on both sides of the salmon fillet, pressing firmly. Place on a plastic wrap and  add the 3 branches of romain on top then close the plastic film tightly. Put the fillet on a plate then put a weight on top. Refrigerate 24-36 hours. Take the net out of the fridge then rinse it quickly and dry it with a paper towel.

NUTRA-FRUIT products to get to make the recipe!

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