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Makes 4-6 servings


3/4  Cup      Grapefruit juice, fresh (about 2 grapefruits)

3 tbsp. at table      Nutra-Fruit Maple & Cranberry Syrup

1/4  Cup       Nutra-Fruit 100% pure cranberry juice

3/4  Cup      Cold water

Juice and zest   Lime

Ice cubes

500 ml         Sparkling grapefruit water

Grapefruit and lime slices


IMG_2952_resize insta 2.png


In a pitcher, add the 100% pure cranberry juice, maple cranberry syrup, lime zest and juice.

Squeeze the grapefruits and add the juice to the pitcher. Refrigerate for a few hours.

When ready to serve, add grapefruit and lime slices to the pitcher. Add ice cubes and sparkling water to the grapefruit.

For a festive cocktail, add your favorite Gin or Vodka and top with Avril Nutra-Fruit Maraschino cranberries and amaretto.

NUTRA-FRUIT products to get to make the recipe!

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