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Serves 4 as an appetizer


4                            Large rice sheets (or 8 small ones)

FILLING (to split between 4 rolls)

1 cup                  Bean sprouts 

1 cup                  Snow peas, julienned

1                           Carrot, julienned 

1/2                      Mango, julienned

1/4 cup             Cilantro (leaves and stems)

1 cup                  Avocado, julienned

1/2                      Apple, julienned

1                           Lemon, juice and zest kept separately

1/3 cup             NUTRA-FRUIT Sweetened Whole Dried Cranberries

​2 tbsp.               NUTRA-FRUIT Cranberry powder


1/2    cup         NUTRA-FRUIT Cranberry, Honey, Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing

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This recipe is completely vegan!


Preparation of ingredients:

-Wash and dry the bean sprouts. Set aside.

-Break off the ends of the snow peas and remove the string. Open the shells and take the peas out of their pods.  Julienne the pods.  Set aside. 

-Detach the cilantro leaves from the stems and chop them finely. Blanch the stems for 15 seconds in boiling water. Set aside. 

-Julienne the carrots, mango, apple and avocado. Set aside. 

-Zest the lemon and squeeze the juice. Set the zest aside and pour the juice onto the apple. 

Making the rolls:

To start making the rolls, soak the rice sheets in warm water for 30 seconds.  Sprinkle the cranberry powder and a bit of lemon zest.  Add a bit of each ingredient from the filling to the center horizontally.  Add 2 sprigs of blanched cilantro onto the rice sheet and fold the base of the sheet onto the filling, then fold the sides in towards the middle. Roll and tighten to hold the filling.  Repeat the steps for each roll.


Cut the rolls in half. Garnish with the snow peas, apple, bean sprouts and cranberry powder. Shake the cranberry, honey and toasted sesame dressing well and pour in a serving dish to dip the rolls in. Enjoy.

NUTRA-FRUIT products you will need to make this wonderful recipe.

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