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Serves 2



1                  300 g Salmon filet


2                  130 g Salmon tartare tubes from Geneviève Everell's Sushi à la maison

2 tbsp.       NUTRA-FRUIT Cranberry, Honey, Toasted Sesame Salad Dressing        
1/3 cup     Cooked red beets, diced

1/3 cup     Very ripe strawberries
2/3 cup     Panko bread crumbs
1/3 cup     Capers, drained and chopped   
1 1/2          Shallots, chopped

2 tbsp.       NUTRA-FRUIT Dijon-style Cranberry Mustard

Fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper to taste

Recipe created by Anne-Marie Couillard,
Graphic Designer at Nutra-Fruit


To keep everything chilled, place a bowl on top of some ice.  Cut the salmon up into small cubes or squeeze the contents of the tubes into the bowl. Dice the strawberries, beets and shallots and place them in the bowl with the salmon. Coarsely chop the capers and add them to the mix. Keep a little bit of each ingredient aside for decoration. Add the NUTRA-FRUIT Dijon-style cranberry mustard and the NUTRA-FRUIT cranberry, honey and toasted sesame salad dressing. Mix together gently. Season with fleur de sel and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Add the Panko bread crumbs right before serving to keep them crispy. Mix gently and adjust seasoning.

Shape the tartare with a cookie cutter.  Decorate with strawberry slices, capers and bread crumbs. 

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